Guide to Open Registration for Medicare in 2018

Each Medicare term seems to have a significant buzz around it every fall. That’s why the beginning of the annual enrollment period, the biggest season of Medicare, begins on October 15th. This is the only time you can make any changes to the plans of Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D.

What is the annual enrollment period? Find a supplement plan at

The annual enrollment period, also known as the Annual Election Period or the Medicare Open Enrollment, begins on October 15 and lasts until December 7 each year. This time is important for those who have a Medicare Advantage plan. It’s the only time of the year when you can withdraw your Medicare Advantage plan and sign up for Original Medicare. Once you have done so, you can sign up for a Medicare Supplementary Plan and get full coverage for all your medical needs.

Generally speaking, this period is most important for all Medicare beneficiaries, because only then can they change their Part D plans. Part D covers prescription drugs. It is recommended that everyone enroll in a Part D plan to make sure they are approved for prescription drugs if they need to take medication. Otherwise, there are significant costs.

How to Sign off a Medicare Advantage Plan

It’s easy to end your Medicare Advantage plan. First, make sure you are in the annual registration period (15 October – 7 December). You cannot end your plan outside this period. Contact your plan directly if you are in this period. They will help you unsubscribe from your Medicare Advantage plan. Deregistration may vary depending on the plan. The safest way to contact your plan, however, is to make a call. You can also reach Medicare by calling 1 (800) MEDICARE. You can also end your plan by calling this number also.

You can also join or switch to Medicare Advantage plans at this time. However, we find that most seniors save the most money and get the most coverage while using Original Medicare and a Medicare supplement plan. Every situation is different for every senior, so talking to an agent is the best way to find out which plan is best suited to your needs.




How to enroll for Medicare Part D plans

As mentioned above, during the annual registration period you can also join, change or delete Part D plans. An easy-to-follow step-by-step guide has been created on how to get one of these plans.

The cost of Part D in 2019 will vary from one plan to another. Minimal coverage is provided by some plans, and this result in lower premium, though other plans can offer optimal coverage with a high premium. High income individuals may also pay extra for monthly part D premium.

It is recommended that each senior receives a plan for Part D. Even if you are healthy and you are currently not taking any prescription drugs, unplanned medical costs can be incurred at any time.

Add a Medicare supplement plan

After dropping Medicare Advantage and signing up for Medicare Advantage, most seniors can get the most savings by including a Medicare supplement plan.