Medicare Supplement Plan C & F Will Be Terminated in 2020

Medicare Supplement Plan C & F: A Brief Overview


Supplemental Plan C & F are among the most popular Medigap coverages available as of now. The thing which truly sets both these plans apart from other similar coverages is that both of these cover deductible for Part B Medicare.


When you compare them, Medigap Plan F offers coverage for Medicare Part B excess charges whereas Medigap Plan C doesn’t.


Why Are They Being Terminated?


In an effort to minimize costs to Medicare & also to properly pay physicians who allow Medicare patients, the government voted to cut off “1st-dollar coverage”.

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Medigap Plan C & F are very popular since they compensate for quite a lot of things, and that’s the primary concern. As the 1st-dollar plan allows for frequent visits to the doctor, it becomes expensive both doctors as well as Medicare.


As a result, starting from 1st Jan, 2020, Plan C & F will no longer be issued. This law will only affect new Medicare participants. Thus, if you are already enrolled in any of these plans, you won’t need to worry about it.


Also, those who haven’t already enrolled in any of these plans have the option to enroll in any one of them till 2020.


Once the plans have been discontinued, people will still have the choice to participate in identical coverage. Among all the Medicare Supplement plans, Plan G appears to be the closest competitor to Medigap Plan F. Plan G covers almost everything which Plan F does. These also includes excess charges for Medicare Part B. However, it doesn’t cover Medicare Part B deductible. If you found Plan C worth going for, consider Plan D that covers almost everything as Plan C except Medicare Part B deductible.


Despite the fact that 2 of the major Supplemental Coverages will be being discontinued after a few years, there is no need to worry because you still have plenty of options.


In case you have additional doubts or would like to consider other options, you can always check out the online plan finder tool or simple contact an experienced &licensed agent in your area.