Medicare Supplement Plans: Do They Cover Mental Health?

Mental health is among the most crucial factors of your overall health & well-being which most people ignore. The bad news is, people suffering from a mental disorder might face a lot of challenges while seeking the necessary help if they don’t have any type of coverage.


Mental Health and Medicare Supplement Plans:


One important thing you must note is that your overall costs will be broken down into hospitalization (Part A Medicare) & medical care (Part B Medicare), and every Supplement plan compensates for these costs in a unique way.


Out-Patient Mental Care:


If you seek the assistance of a psychologist, or other professionals in this field, or require partial hospitalization, or drugs administered by your mental health care specialist, the Medigap plan will cover the out-of-pocket expenses of your Medicare Part B in the following manner:


Every Medigap coverage pays all or a portion of the patient’s Part B coinsurance & copays*.

The only plans which will pay for the patient’s excess charges (charges where the patient sees a physician who doesn’t allow Medicare participants) are plan F and G.

Only Medigap Plans C & F will pay for the patient’s Medicare Part B deductibles


In-Patient Care:

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The person is eligible for hospitalization (up to 190 days)  under Part A Medicare & the Supplemental Plan along with some extended visits through the Supplemental Plan. Although Part A Medicare will partially pay for the hospitalization, the patient will still need to pay Part B expenses for their mental health specialist.


Medigap Coverage for in-patient hospitalization:


Each of the Supplemental plans pays 100 percent of the patient’s Part-A hospitalization copays & coinsurance (note that it is only for hospitalization purpose, the patient will need to pay  doctor copays & coinsurance separately)

Most plans compensate for Medicare Part A deductible** (in case of hospitalization charges, the patient will need to pay a separate deductible for seeing the psychologist)

Each of the Medigap coverages pays 100 percent or a portion of psychiatrist’s coinsurance & copays*.

The only plans to cover Medicare Part B deductible for the physician are Plan C & F.

The excess charges of the psychiatrist will only be covered by Plan F & G.


*Medigap Plan L & K needs the enrollee to pay 25 percent and 50 percent respectively while Medigap Plan N needs the enrollee to pay the doctor’s visits copays.


**Plan A won’t cover Part A deductibles whereas Plan L & K needs the participant to pay 25% & 50% respectively.