Things Not Covered by Your Medicare

Many people consider Medicare as comprehensive coverage similar to group insurance coverages they’re used to.


Just like a group insurance policy, Medicare can cover a person’s basic health care requirements. However, hearing, vision and dental coverage won’t be a part of your Medicare plan.


It’s wise to appoint an experienced insurance broker or research your chosen plan thoroughly so that you don’t end up selecting a plan which doesn’t fulfill your needs.


Medicare will indeed cover annual eye examinations for glaucoma. Individuals suffering from macular degeneration & diabetic retinopathy can also get their eye examinations done without any out of pocket charges. However, you must ensure to choose an ophthalmologist who accepts assignments from Medicare. Any regular eye examinations, lenses, frames, etc. will be the patient’s responsibility.

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Dental care will only be covered by Medicare in case the of an emergency. Diagnostic hearing exams will be covered if your doctors believes they’re essential for determining whether additional treatment is required. Regular hearing examinations, tests and aids won’t be covered by your Medicare.


Dental, hearing & vision coverage might be offered as an add-on in some MA plans.


This might result in a lot of confusion for seniors who stay in Regular Medicare. Prior to having your treatment, you must ensure your provider will accept your MA policy. Although it covers services, each case is considered unique and you might be accountable for 100 percent charges if you choose a provider who’s out of your network.


In case you go with an Advantage plan which does cover the hearing, dental, & vision, then you must remember that your primary-care doctor might not accept such kind of coverage. You might also be asked for referrals before a specialist sees you plus often times there will be additional underlying expenses that you may be required to pay for.


So, it is highly recommended that you understand your personal insurance requirements in order to know how much coverage you’ll be comfortable with. Also, Medicare Supplement Plans can be a great option to minimize out of pocket costs associated with your Medicare health coverage.


Don’t fall for a plan which does not suit you and you’re purchasing it simply because it covers vision, hearing and dental care. There may be several other things which you want to consider so that you do not get disappointed by your choice later.